Technology in India


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Amongst other things, the important contributions to technology in India were due to the advancements in the fields of science and mathematics.

Some might say technology advancements in India is what brought her to the limelight amid global economies, but, if you look at India’s history without a doubt it could be seen that technology had been embedded from the very beginning. India gave ‘0’ to the world, the most important number on which today’s computers are based upon.

After three century of struggle under the British government, India’s post-independence era, once again seemed to embrace the roots of its technological mindset. Technically, green revolution was the start of our industrial revolution, India embraced the techniques to reach self-reliance for the food supply required to serve its behemoth population. Technology was in India’s epicenter for her to push through the barriers and get closer to the biggies of the world. India’s space research reached to praiseworthy heights and she went on to build satellites, which were best in its own right. Remarkably other countries started relying on India’s space research and exploration efforts. Once India opened doors for foreign investments, there was no one to stop her, she went on from being a merely populous country to a remarkable powerhouse for boosting the global economy.

With the burgeoning entrepreneurs creating new means to satisfy the consumer needs of the growing middle class, the country has seen a considerable investment towards research and development. The last century saw a growing number of multinational companies setting their base in India, these companies took the advantage of the growing engineering sector in India. India also saw a growth in the field of medicine, days are gone, when Indian patients went to foreign lands for treatments and now you see an increasing number of patients from outside India coming to India for the affordable diagnosis and surgery. Pharmaceutical industry is another noteworthy mention for India’s advancements in technology. The Indian pharmaceutical industry has reached out for global co-operation in building affordable medicine that could save millions of lives.

If is of course impossible to consider India’s technology without the immense growth of its Information technology sector. It is the Indian IT companies that went around the globe to provide the cheapest cost model for making IT and IT enable services affordable to the world at large. The global software and hardware companies now rely on India’s IT enabled services for part of their research and development and also building solutions to the growing world. From being a nation that is quite meant for offshoring is now changing, as Indian companies are growing their foot prints globally. Indian IT companies are setting shops in third world countries and encouraging their contributions to the world of technology. It is remarkable to see that the changes are altering the image of India from being the benevolent to the benefactor. While the world has an eye on India’s growth and its advancements, the local entrepreneurial community that is reaching heights and fostering technology puts India in a bright spot for the foreseeable future.


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